Narrative to accompany the award of the Army Commendation Medal with valor device to First Lieutenant Peter K. Yorck

First Lieutetant Peter Yorck was the Truck Commander in the rear of a joint US/AN SF patrol that washeading back to FOB Gardez after a successful raid. During movement, the third vehicle of the convoy struck a 200lb pressure plate Improvised Explosive Device (IED). 1LT Yorck dismounted with his Headquarters element, leading them to the site of the explosion in order to assist with casualties. Once the medics had stabilized the casualties, ILT Yorck and two other Soldiers began to clear a suitable HLZ. 1LT Yorck began to clear the southern half of the HLZ without any C-IED equipment, which was tasked out to clear the area around the IBD strike. He disregarded his own safety to ensure a HLZ was prepared and Soldiers quickly evacuated ILT‘ Yorck then cleared another touchdown point on the HLZ for the additional casualties still on the ground, again without any C-IED equipment. After the second set of casualties were evacuated, 1LT Yorck proceeded with the mission. A few hours later, be exposed himself to enemy fire as he pushed elements of ANSF to begin- clearance of qalats Where small arms and machine gun fire had pinned down elements of 2nd Platoon and Headquarters Section. After clearing a set of qalats with AN SF, he then ran back to the rear of the convoy, guarding against an attack by insurgents that were massing in the area During the third IED strike against CF and ANSF personnei, he again pushed up elements of the AN SF to begin re-clearance of the qalats south of the IED kill zone, leading them out 200 meters into a uncleared field before heading back to CF lines. With a known US KIA and several US WIAS, 1LT Yorck and others then began to clear another HLZ north of the road without any C-IED equipment. 1LT Yorck cleared the southern half of the HLZ, in what was later assessed as an active minefield, with complete disregard to his own personal safety. 1LT Yorck’s actions were inspiring. Over a 56 hour period that included 8 IEDS, 4 disabled vehicles, 1 KIA and an additional 15 casualties, 1LT Yorck’s actionswere truly heroic and he displayed the qualities of an outstanding officer.

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