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Alamo Flags Mike Ismail with AUSA ExCom members LTC Michelle Parlette, Julio Deguzman, and David Curtis pose for photo at Alamo Flags with owner Mike Ismail who donated 3000 US flags to an upcoming tribute of victims and survivors of 911, photo taken on 27 Jun 2022.

AUSA ExCom Meeting on 21 July 2022

AUSA ExCom Meeting on 18 Aug 2022

Sgt Major Austin and LTCol Yorck Sept 2022

AUSA SD Chapter Board Member LTC Michelle Parlette’s creative artistic imagination marked the beginning of something special for commemorating the lives lost during 9/11. Special thanks to Mike and Dean Ismail from Alamo Flags who donated over 2000 U.S. Flags to this event and to the many ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen who planted the U.S. Flags 11 Sep 2022

Videos of 9/11 special event near Hepner Hall at SDSU. News media film crews were at the event from KFMB, KUSI, KPBS and FOX 11 Sep 2022

AUSA ExCom Meeting on 15 Sep 2022

Col Joe Boscacci on the Midway on Swear-in-ceremony day attending the AUSA San Diego Chapter Booth on Sep 20, 2022