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Born on July 5, 1950, the Association of the United States Army had a clear purpose. America’s foundational military force needed to speak with one voice.

In a joint message, a group of World War II wartime leaders accustomed to protecting their service branch showed they were ready to lock arms for a loftier cause. 

“Let us put our resources and efforts into an association that can keep in the forefront the importance and requirements of the cutting edge of our national defense – in particular, the needs of the soldiers and their families that are the Army,” declared top Army leaders from the Infantry Association and Field Artillery Association.

AUSA’s first president was Gen. Wade H. Haislip, an infantry officer serving as Army vice chief of staff. President Harry S. Truman, a former artilleryman, was the honorary president. Seventy years later, AUSA has expanded, but its purpose hasn’t changed. As an educational nonprofit, AUSA aims to be the Army’s professional association, dedicated to educational development, advancing national security and promoting greater recognition of the Army’s vital role in American life, past, present and future.

AUSA is a growing organization, tripling its membership since 2017, with plans to continue expanding its size, reach and influence.


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